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Wellness area - Hotel Plagött

Finnish sauna

Dehydrate and detoxify your body thanks to a revitalizing sauna. Mountain pine or peppermint aromas revitalize and give wellbeing. Temperatures up to 85 degrees strengthen the immune system, relax muscles and help lower blood pressure. Rinse after the first pass and relax in our dedicated showers.


Bio sauna

The bio sauna, lighter for the circulatory system is recommended for the beginners. The temperature reaches up to 55 degrees but humidity is higher compared to the Finnish sauna. The sauna is therefore healthy and good for the skin. Instead of aromas, ethereal oils give a pleasant and relaxing scent.


Turkish bath

The hot steams of the Turkish bath favor the physical and psychic condition. A touch for muscle tension, articulations pain or respiratory problems. The ideal combination of heat and moisture promotes the opening of the skin pores and purifies it. The benefits of the Turkish bath are indicated for those with sleep or depression problems.

Wellness at the Hotel Plagött

Infrared cabin

An especially gentle and relaxing addition to the classic sauna is the infrared cabin. The unique infrared technology guarantees healthy sweating at temperatures as low as 30° C without placing a strain on the cardiovascular system. The warmth of an infrared cabin reduced painful tension, de-stresses your body and strengthens your immune system. A gentle, warm shower is precisely what is needed instead.



Even in our Solarium you will relax and you will find pleasant temperatures.
Used wisely gives a natural color.
Vitamin D deficiencies especially in winter can be compensated.